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89// The Gut-Allergy Connection

April 28, 2022

Childhood Allergies: Where Do They Come from?

Allergies are the worst - am I right?

However - why do some of us get them - and others don't?

Even more so - why do some CHILDREN get them, and others don't?

Is it really just genetics? Or can we do anything about it?

Childhood allergy and gut connection

The Origin of Childhood Allergies

On today's episode, I'm featuring a question from a listener on the podcast who wants to know about his allergies to pollen as a child and why he got ear infections for six summers in a row!


Is there any connection to the gut?!

You bet there is - and on today's episode, I bare all, sharing both HOW the gut and allergies are connected and WHERE childhood allergies even come from.

Whew! I loved recording this episode, and I hope that it helps you find some answers from your childhood, too, on where your health problems came from and what you can do about them now as an adult.


❤️ ~ Allison


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