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26// Is your period out of whack?! 3 Pathways that Link Gut Health to Hormonal Health – with Sophie Shepherd FDN-P

January 28, 2021

Are your hormonal cycles short? Does PMS or your period take you out every month, causing you to dread the arrival of your period? Or do you not get a period at all?

Do you get migraines/headaches around your period or ovulation? Are your energy levels the WORST around your period? Are your mood swings off the charts?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, tune in to hear from Sophie Shepherd! She is an FDN, like myself, and the creator of SHE Talks Health Podcast. After going through Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Leaky Gut, SIBO, Yeast Overgrowth and hormonal imbalances she learned how to help her body heal from the inside out and got control of both her gut AND her hormones.

Sophie is an EXPERT in hormone health. Her passion is to educate and empower women on the superpower that is the menstrual cycle! Sophie gives women tools they need to change their lifestyle and diet in order to live an abundant life.

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