182// How to Get the MOST Out of Your Health Insurance in 2024

January 18, 2024

Don't Let Health Insurance Hold Back Your Health

If you have been sick and have been trying to navigate health insurance to get the MOST out of your health insurance while paying the LEAST, you know that health insurance is a total BEAR.

Health insurance can be a TOTAL pain in every regard. It can be a pain to find providers who take your insurance, it's a pain to be told your insurance will cover one amount and later you get charged a totally different (usually much higher) amount. It's a pain that insurance doesn't cover many things that we WANT it to cover, things that will ACTUALLY help you heal.

Why is insurance this way? And how can you actually use your health insurance to make it work for you, instead of feeling like you're fighting it all the time?

This conversation is NOT about insurance reform, or even politics or voting.

This is about, with the system EXACTLY the way it is right now, what can YOU do to still get the healthcare you want or need?

To host this conversation, I had a conversation with a special guest that I am SO excited to introduce you to - my father!

Dr. Marc Downing is a pediatric surgeon in Southwest Michigan who has been working in healthcare and the hospital system for more than 25 years. He's seen a LOT of shifts in healthcare not only through his career as a physician but also throughout the last 100 years of healthcare that he's studied. Dr. Marc Downing has a deep passion for seeing everyone be able to receive healthcare and to have to turn NO ONE away due to financial problems, but he also sees first-hand a lot of the problems that our current healthcare system creates for individuals and the system itself as someone who both has health insurance and someone who has to deal with it on a daily basis with his patients. Dr. Downing also shares some of his unique wisdom he's gleaned on different ways people approach getting healthcare through his experiences doing international surgery and also with working with communities in the U.S., such as the Amish, who inherently have no access to health insurance.

How are people getting healthy in the U.S. and around the world, with or without health insurance, and how can you take your current situation (regardless of your healthcare insurance status) to still get better health outcomes for you and your family?

We're tackling all this today, and more.

Also, to note: this episode pairs really well with last week's episode with financial expert Katherine Pomerantz where we discuss Katherine's top tips to make your health more affordable. Check out her episode, 182// How to Make Health More Affordable with Katherine Pomerantz!

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~ Allison💖

How to Get the MOST Out of Your Health Insurance


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