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169// 4 Simple Steps to Eat More Protein in Your Diet

October 19, 2023

4 Steps to Eat More Protein

Eating Protein is the basis for building muscles, boosting focus, sustaining energy, and balancing your mood. But how do you know if you're eating enough protein? And if you aren't, how can you easily eat more protein in your diet?

Even more importantly: what if you don't feel good after eating protein? What does this mean?

I cover all this and more on today's episode including sharing my top high protein foods list and an example of protein I eat during the day.

If you are hitting a wall trying to eat more protein, or think protein is your next step in your health but don't feel you digest protein well, then this podcast episode is for you.

~ Allison💖

4 Steps to Eat More Protein


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