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145// 6 Steps to End Your Sinusitis, Allergies, and Congestion

May 30, 2023

Sinusitis Be Gone!

Do you have chronic sinusitis?

Have your allergies and congestion gotten worse over the past few years?

Do you want to find the ROOT CAUSE to your sinus and congestion problems so you can ditch your medication?

If so, you are like Kaysha, the winner of our Spring Giveaway.

Kaysha has chronic sinusitis, allergies and congestion. She notices things improve when she cleans up her diet or doesn't eat at all (AKA: fasting), so she's knows there's a connection to her gut. How can she find the root cause of her sinusitis?

This week, I am releasing a BONUS episode for you to listen to my conversation with Kaysha just two days before the Better Belly Blueprint closes it's doors for enrollment. The Better Belly Blueprint is my online course + group coaching program that teaches you EVERYTHING I recommend Kaysha to do when it comes to healing her gut.

Buckle in and get ready to learn the 6 steps I recommend to her to end her chronic sinusitis and hear the TWO root causes I think Kaysha is dealing with. They may just be the same things that will help you!

~ Allison ❤️

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