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Ep. 3// Why Probiotics Aren’t Healing Your Gut

September 1, 2020

Have you ever wondered which probiotic is best for you? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the number of probiotic products online or at your local health foods store? 

I know I have been! I have spent a lot of time, energy, AND money researching, buying, and trying lots of different probiotics – only to NOT feel better!

There is a reason for this. Yes, really! And I wish someone had told me this BEFORE I spent all that time hoping and expecting to get better off of a probiotic pill.

In this episode, I am going to debunk THREE MYTHS about probiotics, and then share the real truth about them so you have the knowledge on how to heal your gut. 

Whether you’ve been in the probiotic conversation for years or you are just starting out – this episode is for you. 

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