Testimonials (Copy)

Sarah F.

I have a rare autoimmune disease that makes my body attack my liver. The inflammation can be so bad, that the pain can leave me unable to move for days at at a time. From the first time I did craniosacral therapy, I felt the pain dissipate. When Allison does craniosacral therapy, I can literally hear my digestive system working again. I can feel on my stomach where the inflammation is, and after the massage I can feel a decrease in the inflammation. Although autoimmune diseases come and go in spurts, I have not had an attack since I started craniosacral therapy.

Visiting Allison has changed my life. She has made me more aware of my disease, how to treat it before the pain becomes unbearable, and she has given me tools to use daily to keep the pain away.”


ELi J.

“Grateful! One of the best experiences I have ever had. Allison make you feel comfortable and at ease as she gets your history. She gives you her full attention. She answered all the questions I had. The next two mornings after my first session with Allison, I could see that my stomach was not as bloated when I got up in the morning. She did a amazing job!”


Sandra S.

My 6 year old daughter was referred to Allison by my physical therapist after I described her symptoms of asthma and reflux after a viral illness. After one session, she had noticeable relief from coughing, improved appetite, fell asleep easily and woke up well rested. We had a wonderful experience with the visceral therapy, I appreciate how well Allison explains the therapy and put my daughter at ease. This it what my 6 year old said about her experience:

For my whole life time my body’s been tense and I’ve been kind of agitated. When I went to Allison the message therapist my life changed, like magic. I’ve never been that calm in my life. It felt like it was meant for me. It was the best time in my life.”


Kathryn S.

Thank you for giving me new hope about my vague disability–ever since you loosened me up I've been going on this whole big emotional journey about some of my core beliefs and methods of operating. Again thank you! This is a big deal!”