6 Reasons


Six reasons your doctor might say your labs look normal – even when they’re not!



Your doctor is using STANDARD ranges and comparing your results with those who are sick and don’t fall within healthy ranges. In our course, we use FUNCTIONAL ranges to analyze all of your blood labs.


Your labs are missing key markers, preventing your doctor from seeing important patterns that help paint the full picture. We teach you what markers you need to get the most amount of information out of your blood chemistry!


Your doctor isn’t seeing internal patterns in your blood labs and is not seeing how markers affect each other and provide important clues into your overall health. This is often a result of a rushed doctor with a packed patient schedule or the fact that most conventional doctors are not taught these nuanced, internal patterns (it’s a functional medicine thing!).


Your doctor only throws a supplement or medication at every imbalance. Instead of just bouncing from one pill or supplement to another, I will teach you to go beyond “a pill for an ill” mentality and help you identify how to truly heal your body to create permanent changes.


Your doctor isn’t looking beyond the lab sheet.  You are not a number on a page.  You’re a living, breathing person who needs answers.  Your doctor should be looking upstream to see what’s causing the issues downstream.  Correlating symptoms and common sense with your lab results is crucial to getting to the root of your health challenges. 


Your doctor only blames one thing for a marker being high or low. For example – if glucose is high – I commonly see doctors ONLY recommend lowering sugar/carb intake. But blood glucose can be high for more than just this reason. I commonly have clients come to me with high blood glucose DESPITE eating complex carbs and limiting sugar. Why? We cover this and more in this course!