How to read my own blood




I also learned how to read my own blood chemistry. And it changed everything.

I no longer have diagnosable mental health conditions.  I enjoy a wide variety of foods without worry or unpleasant fall-out.  I have enough energy to run marathons and triathlons.  My period is regulated, and I poop the way a healthy person should (I know – TMI – but the struggle is real, right?). 

I’ve combined personal experience with medical expertise to help women who are eagerly seeking their OWN health solutions.  Women who seek to own their health.  Understand their health.  Advocate for their health.  

The answers reside in your blood chemistry. 

When you learn to read and understand your blood chemistry – commonly known as your blood labs – you hold the key to finding what your doctors have been missing and taking back your health.

Yes, you really can do this!