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For clients local to our metro-Detroit office, we invite you to set up an in-person appointment at our office.

In this appointment, we'll do a physical evaluation using Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation techniques, as well as review your health history and your key health goals. 

By the end of your appointment, we'll share with you our assessment of the root cause of your gut health problems and share with you our recommendations for your next steps to achieve your gut health goals. 

Schedule an In-Office Appointment

"As a physician who supports integrative approaches to health and wellness, I can't recommend Allison and her practice highly enough."

 - Monty


"My 6 year old daughter was referred to Allison by my physical therapist after I described her symptoms of asthma and reflux after a viral illness.

After one session, she had noticeable relief from coughing, improved appetite, fell asleep easily and woke up well rested. We had a wonderful experience with the visceral therapy. I appreciate how well Allison explains the therapy and put my daughter at ease."  - Sandra


“Over a series of sessions focusing on TMJ pain, my jaw is more relaxed than it has been in YEARS. Allison also provides helpful stretches and tools to use at home in between sessions so that you can build on your healing at home. I cannot recommend Allison highly enough!”   
- Emma


“After months of hip and hamstring pain postpartum while going to physical therapy without much improvement, I decided to try massage therapy. I am so glad I found Allison, she has helped me find relief when I was starting to give up. She focused on muscles/areas that my PT had not that were the key to pain reduction. She is very friendly and easy to feel comfortable with and is great at explaining what she is doing. I can't recommend her enough!”   - Angela


“Allison and the entire Better Belly Therapies team do an incredible job! They're considerate, caring, and compassionate. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a session with them. You won't be disappointed!”
- Madison


“CST is the most healing thing I’ve ever tried. I am a mental health therapist and have tried many alternative medicine therapies. After one session, I felt better than I had in five years. After three sessions, I feel I’m really healing!

I use CST for PTSD, IBS, neck and shoulder tension, and feeling grounded in my body. It has helped me feel safe, able to be present, reduce fight or flight symptoms, improve digestion, and significantly reduce the pain in my head and neck. I highly recommend Better Belly Therapies. Thank you for helping me feel better!”  - Cathi


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